Xysticus ephippiatus Simon, 1880


Family: Thomisidae Sundevall, 1833
Genus: Xysticus C. L. Koch, 1835
Species: Xysticus ephippiatus Simon, 1880

Specimens info:

Male #1: Russia, Primorskii Prov., Askold Isl., 42°45’27.92″N 132°20’47.20″E, meadow with Artemisia gmelinii, 03.08.2016 (P. Simonov).

Male#2 and palp: Russia, Primorskii Prov., Khankaiskii Dist., env. of Novokachalinsk Vill., 45°5’0.02″N 131°58’52.93″E, 16-27.06.2006 (M.M. Omelko).

Collection number:

Prim-Ask–THO-1, Prim-KhW–THO-2

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